PRAC Query-ToolΒΆ

Start the tool from the command line with pracquery -i <instruction>.


The PRAC Query-Tool GUI.

The PRAC query tool is an interface to make inferences here be dragons

  • a ground atom, e.g. foobar(X,Y)
  • the name of a predicate, e.g. foobar
  • a ground formula, e.g. foobar(X,Y) ^ foobar(Y,X) (internal engine only)

The additional parameters include:

  • Closed-world assumption

    There are two parameters one can specify to control predicates whose variable values are to be set to false if the evidence given does not state something different:

    • CW Preds: A comma-separated list of predicate names, whose atom values are automatically set to false if evidence does not state something different.


    Fore functionally determined perdicates, this settings will raise an exception, because there must always be exactly one true ground atom.

    • CW assumption: Will apply the closed-world assumption to all predicates that do not appear in the list of queries.


    This setting will have no effect on functional predicates and will print a warning for soft-functional predicates.

  • the option to show additional debug outputs during the execution when using the internal system (additional parameter: debug='INFO'). This field can also be used to pass additional, method-specific parameters to the algorithm, which are documented in inferencemethods.

  • debug='<level>' This will temporarily set the debug level to the one specified. Admissible values are (with decreasing level of verbosity): DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL.